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Spatial Join limitation in 10.2?

Question asked by mfrias on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Dan_Patterson



does anyone know is there a bug in spatial join in AG 10.2?


I want to know how many lines are inside polygons. I have 52 line layers and one layer with 4 millions polygons.




The spatial join works fine for most of the lines BUT the result of JoinCount is 0  in 10 lines layer.


The only difference I see is that the length of the lines in these 10 lines layers is much longer: the average 600 km while the rest is 200 km. So there are about the same amount of lines in all layers but those 10 layers that don't work seem to have longer lines.


I am using background processing and running the spatial join from a model. All features classes are in a geodatabase.


I am running it from a 64-bit Windows Server with 32 RAM and I am using the advanced version of AG 10.2


I just wonder if it's a known issue. I read it was in previous versions but it was apparently fixed. Is there maybe a limitation in the number of polygons spatial join can handle?