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Annotation layers don't behave as expected

Question asked by snoakes on Aug 12, 2015


Has anyone come across this before?

  • I have a map service containing several different layers.  By default I want a few of them switched on.
  • One of these layers is an annotation feature class.  It only has one annotation class named Default.
  • In the REST, the two entries that make this annotation up are:
    • Type: Annotation Layer  -- Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon
    • Type: Annotation SubLayer  -- Geometry Type: null
  • In order to have the annotation switched on as default, I have ticked both the annotation feature class AND the annotation class (Default) in the mxd.
  • In my JavaScript API website I have a custom layer list.  This only lists the Annotation Layer and not the Annotation SubLayer.  When I switch off the Annotation Layer, nothing happens.
  • If I switch off the annotation class in the mxd (but leave the annotation feature class switched on) and republish the map service,  the annotation doesn't display by default when the website opens.  However, I am now able to switch the annotation on and off.


This makes no sense to me.  Any ideas anyone?






Sarah Noakes

Cornwall Council