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Downloading maps for offline editing

Question asked by Kdunk24 on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by ARex-esristaff

I have a my map enabled for offline use and am currently in the process of creating a aerial tpkl to be sideloaded into an ipad for a basemap. While the tpk is being created I am testing the general functionality of offline editing in collector and am receiving an error approximately mid way through the download. I am currently using an ESRI basemap from AGOL. In an attempt to find a consistent error pattern it seems no matter the "work area" or "map detail" an error occurs. I originally received "the request has timed out" however now I receive "Error performing submit job operation for Export Tiles on Export Cache".


This seems like a basemap error/issue does one think it will persist with my own tpk?

Do I have to select a work area and map detail when using my tpk? Field editors will need the entire aerial not just sections