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Web App Builder: Search and Edit

Question asked by Natalie on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by Natalie

So this is following on a little from this question:

Edit Widget maybe broken in new Web Apps?

Which I thought I had solved, but am now having more issues with.


I have a web app that has a single editable layer in it.

1. I open the app, open the editing widget, click on a point - the point is editable

2. If I search for an address, the map will zoom to it but then I can't click on any points to access the Edit window - even after clearing the geocoder search bar. All points come up with the result from the geocode:


I searched for 50 Kilmore and then cleared the Search Bar. All points now return this popup.


3, The workaround I've found is to exit and re-enter the edit widget, at which point the points become editable again.


Does anyone else have this problem or, better yet, a solution?


Jianxia Song, this might be one for you...