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Exporting TIN with colour from ArcScene

Question asked by Futterer_Benedikt on Aug 10, 2015



I'm trying to export a TIN of a terrain (312977 points) from ArcScene 10.2.2 via VRML to create a 3D PDF out of it.Thereby I got two problems.
First I trieyed to open this file with Cortona 3D Viewer 7.0 and Meshlab 64bit v1.3.3.

Cortona reports an error "test.wrl(67) : '}' expected".

     64     material

     65            Material

     66            {

     67             ambientIntensity 0,400

     68             diffuseColor     1,000 1,000 1,000

     69             emissiveColor    0,000 0,000 0,000

     70             shininess        1,000

     71             specularColor    0,000 0,000 0,000

     72             transparency     0,000

     73            }

Meshlab illustrates something wrong (Triangle instead of terrrain)

After I replace all commas of the file by points it works. Is this a bug in ArcScene?
Secondly the colour gradients (and colours at all) are not painted.

Cortona and Meshlab display it monochrome grey.  I trieyed also export the terrain to 3D Web Scene. But there the terrain is monochrome, too. Can't ArcScene export TINs inclusive their colours?