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How to create a dynamic layer offline, Javascript API

Question asked by MM_GIS on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by AHarshe-esristaff


I want to make my site available in offline mode. I have succeeded getting my tiled layers stored in a local storage and it's working offline.

The only problem I have is getting my dynamic layers stored..

I have tried anything, but the problem is getting all the images from the server to be stored locally (it's too much data).

Only option I have in mind is getting all the features with a query task and draw them in the client, but the problem with this option is that my symbology is very heavy and I don't think I can draw it in the client side.


I need to know if it's possible at all to make a local dynamic layer in javascript (I saw something about it in the .NET and WPF api),

and if it is, how I do it?