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SOE/SOI - User name is empty even after login

Question asked by rtolapi on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2016 by pkroy2k4

I was exploring LayerAccessSOI java sample.

Attached the LayerAccessSOI to SampleWorldCities map service, when accessed the map service in ArcGIS REST Services Directory...


Before Login - "Layers" section was not showing any layers, this is the correct behaviour.

After Login - "Layers" section was still not showing any (authorized) layers, seems there is something wrong.


When I DEBUG the SOI for "After Login" scenario the "userName" is getting empty for the below lines of code.


IServerUserInfo userInfo = ServerUtilities.getServerUserInfo();

String userName = userInfo.getName();


Please refer to the attachment.


Did any body experienced this? Can help?



- I checked the LayerAccessSOI .Net sample, it has no issues.

- For .Net, every page refresh on the map service rest directory was triggering handleRESTRequest method. But it's not the case with Java sample.