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License error with ArcGISRuntime. Main license has expired.

Question asked by dpilcher on Aug 10, 2015



We have a .NET WPF app.  Another developer developed this and I'm trying to get a checkout running but experiencing an exception when trying to run the app in the debugger: License error with ArcGISRuntime. Main license has expired.


I've installed ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF 10.2.5.  The project builds but when using a Client function I get the exception about license has expired.


I've tried the following activities:

- Re-installing

- Installing .NET 10.2.6 Runtime SDK instead.  That gives an error saying the runtime is missing, and hints that you should install WPF as that includes the runtime.

- So I've installed the .NET SDK as well as the WPF SDK... but same error.


I read here:


"Streamlined licensing: By registering as an ArcGIS Developer and downloading the ArcGIS Runtime SDK, you are licensed to undertake development and testing. It is no longer necessary to authorize your machine for development as you did in previous releases with the Software Authorization Wizard. Additionally, development and test license strings are no longer required when testing your application on non-development machines."


So... there must be something I'm doing wrong?  Any hints?


Many thanks,