Decay Funcion Flow Accumulation

Discussion created by awade on Nov 10, 2010
Greetings -
I'd like to add a decay function to the flow accumulation tool so that I can simply model the effect of downstream transport of some habitat stressor. TauDEM does just this, but appears to require a Dinfinity flow direction grid. I need mine to be based off an existing D8 flow direction grid. This may be more appropriately posted under ArcHydro, but it seems to me there might be either a simple way to code this in Python or maybe even a simpler way to combine flow length, flow accumulation, and the weight grid to achieve this, but I can't wrap my head around it. Or maybe there is the *really* simple approach of borrowing someone else's existing Python script! The key part is that I need to start with an existing D8 flow direction grid, not a raw DEM.

I've searched the forums, but the only similar items I find are not answered. Any ideas would be much appreciated!