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Does ArcGIS Pro support MS Access 2007 (accdb)?

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by rcoodey

I've been tinkering around with ArcGIS Pro today and one thing I cannot seem to resolve is connecting to an Access 2007 (accdb) database.


In ArcMap 10.3 you would create an OLE connection in ArcCatalog then you have access to the tables in the database.


There seems to be no way of creating an OLE connection? Is this correct or has it been renamed to something else and I've just missed it? I've searched the online help and I come across many pages that explicitly state that OLE connections are accepted, here is just one example. Is this a scenario where the Help has just been copied 'n' pasted from ArcMap Help and ArcGIS Pro does not actually support OLE connections? ESRI are usually pretty good at providing help documentation, put this is pretty sloppy especially for it's new flagship desktop software? This page talks only about what is supported, I would have though it was just as important to explicitly state what is not supported!


So if OLE connections are not supported now, is there a plan to include them in a later release? Half the World uses MS Access, seems a bit of an odd business plan to just drop support for them?