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Suddenly Can't Publish Feature Services? v10.3

Question asked by MLF on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by sch7712

I just tried to publish a feature service, and I get two errors:


First, in Desktop, I get this error:

"Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed. ERROR 001369: Failed to create the service.  Please consult the GP Results Window for enhanced error description or contact your administrator for the server logs."  (no useful info in GP results window)


Then, I log into Server Manager, and the service is there, but is stopped.  I try to start it, and get these errors:

     Error executing tool.: ERROR 001369: Failed to create the service. Failed to execute (Publish Service Definition).

     Failed to create the service.: ERROR: Service failed to start, Internal server error.

     Core server call to create service failed.

     Initialization failed.

     The Layer:'LayerName' in Map:'Dataframe' is invalid. The base table definition string "tablename" is invalid. Failure to access the DBMS server.


I can publish the same data as a simple Mapping-only service successfully.  To my knowledge, nothing about the permissions on the server have changed.


Any idea how to start troubleshooting?  Also note: everything is configured appropriately for the feature service capabilities, there are no errors on analysis, etc.




SQL Server 2008 R2/AGS 10.3