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Using http-Headers via POST to receive individual response

Question asked by Schlomm_1 on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by rsunderman-esristaff

Hello everyone,

In the HTTP-Tutorial on ArcGIS Online there are some explanations how to use http-Methods to send or to receive data. Sending data/ information is always done using http message body, for example I could send a json using the message-body.

But is it also possible to send information using the message header?


Let me explain this in more detail:

Using a REST-Endpoint of an Feature-Service I can request information tailored to my needs using the http-Headers.




This example would result in a response, where only feature are included where the attribute "requesttype" is equal to "Animal Complaint".


For my purpose it would be great, if the following would work:

  1. Sending information via an http-POST-request using the http-headers (like latitude/longitude and some additional parameters)...similar to the example of the FeatureService RestEndpoint. Those information should be accepted by an Input-Connector.
  2. Those information ,which are sent using the http-headers, should be converted to GeoEvents.
  3. The GeoEvents should be processed by an GeoEvent-Service.
  4. The result of the GeoEvent-Service should be send back as the response of the request (step one).



Is there any way to realize this?

Thanks for any information!