Buffer getArea()

Discussion created by ldonahue on Nov 10, 2010
I found a thread that seems to shed light on my question.

Everything is 9.3.1 SP2

I'm writing code to buffer a selected feature and return the Area of the buffer.  I'm creating a buffer polygon using a server context and setting the spatial reference to:

            int nad83HarnAZCentral = com.esri.arcgis.geometry.esriSRProjCSType.esriSRProjCS_NAD1983HARNSPCS_AZCentral;
            SpatialReferenceEnvironment spatialReferenceEnvironment = (SpatialReferenceEnvironment)agsconn.getContext().createObject(SpatialReferenceEnvironment.getClsid());
            ISpatialReference nad83HarnAZC = spatialReferenceEnvironment.createProjectedCoordinateSystem(nad83HarnAZCentral);
ArcObjects gives me one response:  356011.27807016426
ArcMap - Analysis Tools - Proximity - Buffer - 356012.044771 (saves to File GDB)

Tolerance and Resolution for both FGDB and SDE featureclass are defaults:

Tolerance: 0.003280839895013
  Resolution: 0.000328083989501
Why are the Area numbers different?