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Network Analyst route - no solution found

Question asked by scottness on Aug 5, 2015
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My problem is that the Solve tool in Network Analyst fails to find a route between stops in my network dataset. The stops are locating correctly (see attached screenshot "located points"), but the Solver returns an error "Warning: No route from location X to location Y. Error: No solution found" (see attached screenshot "error message"). This happens even when I dynamically add stops using the "Create Network Location Tool" for testing. The network is a simple grid with adjacent and diagonal connections at regular intervals. I've attached the shapefile on which the network is based (tempgrid.shp).


Any help would be greatly appreciated. The details of my network dataset are below:



Name: tempgrid_ND

Type: Shapefile-Based Network Dataset



   Edge Sources:




   Group 1:

     Edge Connectivity:

       tempgrid (End Point)


Elevation Model: None




     Usage Type: Cost

     Data Type: Double

     Units Type: Unknown

     Use by Default: True

     Source Attribute Evaluators:

       tempgrid (From-To): Field

           Language: VBScript

           Expression: [EdgeCost]

       tempgrid (To-From): Field

           Language: VBScript

           Expression: [EdgeCost]

     Default Attribute Evaluators:

       Default Edges: Constant = 0

       Default Junctions: Constant = 0



   Directions Ready: No

     -Length Attribute Required