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Graphs connected to Data Driven Pages Query using Page Definitions

Question asked by jmekhaiel1 on Aug 4, 2015

Hello All,


Has anyone experienced any issues with creating graphs that have Page definition queries when using data driven pages?


looks like ArcMap does recognize a regular definition query and creates graphs just fine using the regular definition query, but the graph queries nothing when using the page definition connected to data driven pages and shows all data.


Basically I want to create a XY graph connected to a shapefile where the XY values change when changing the page number on the Data Driven Pages. Instead of querying the correct values it's showing me all values on the graph. 


Troubleshooting I already tried

1. Cheeked formatting of graph

2. Checked formatting of Data driven page map windows

3. checked shapefile "Page Number" attribute format and made sure it matches the Map windows format.



Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,

Joe M