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How to Improve performance of Model Builder?

Question asked by shekhawatravi on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by shekhawatravi

Dear Friends,


I have created Models in Model Builder. this basically does below things.

  1. Field Calculation to prepare relevant data.
  2. Spatial Join to compute Statistics.
  3. Applies Spatial filters.
  4. Create Summary  data.


Please find the screenshot of the Model and sample Toolbox..model1.png


In all these steps It takes  around 4 hours.

Is it possible that If I write this same model in  Python and then execute, It will take less time to execute?

or is there any other way, through which I can improve the performance of this?


I have such 7 models.



Your help is appreciated.





Ravindra Singh


1) Field Calculation to prepare relevant data.