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Offline editing Symbology and Attachments

Question asked by thaviti on Aug 4, 2015
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Hello, I am new to iOS development. I have few queries


1. We are planning to develop an app with OFFLINE editing capabilities. From online help, i understood that we should generate geodatabase from the sync enabled feature service.

What is symbology used by the app while rendering the data in client device. Would the symbology be same as that of the map service or randomly draws some symbology (the way it does when we load feature class in ArcMap)?

2. User would like to load the images into the app. Can we store images from iOS device into the one of the fileds of the feature service layer? I read about attachments; it may serve the purpose partially as the attachments will be not synced if the app is closed before sync operation. (read from online help).


Thanks for your suggestions in advance



Thaviti Naidu G.