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Single Symbol in centre of Polygon

Question asked by amarsden on Aug 4, 2015

I can do this in desktop - see arcgis 10.0 - How can a place a point symbol on the center of a polygon? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange


But this will not go over to AGS, it moans about the symbology not being supported.


The ability to do this is important as for a map that is zoomed out to our full district it is hard/impossible to see small polygon features.  Having a symbol in the middle of set point size is a good way around tis.


Any ideas how to achieve this in AGS?





Answer - sort of.

I set a label on this layer.  I used a Shield Type label, but changed from a shield to the symbol I wanted.  I picked a random field for the lable and set the font colout to "no colour"  this seems to have worked - the only issue is that this centre marker isn't then shown as part of the legend, so open to better suggestions.