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Relationship Class: Workaround for "Null" Values in Destination Table

Question asked by tgfallis on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by dougbrowning

I have a geodatabase that contains one origin feature class linked to multiple standalone tables by Simple one-to-many Relationship Classes. The foreign keys in the destination tables are all nullable, deliberately, in order to allow shapes in the origin feature class to be edited, merged and (in some cases) deleted.  My "editing" scenario is generally deleting an existing shape and then creating a new one with the same primary key.


ArcGIS behavior is to set the foreign key value to "Null" if i delete an origin feature.  Even if I delete one shape and create a new one with the same origin key i have to go back into the many linked tables and re-add the foreign key which got set to Null when I deleted the first shape. This is not desirable behavior and is driving me a little nuts.  I need to be able to delete, split, or otherwise edit the origin features without the foreign key being set to "Null."


Can anyone suggest the best workaround or workflow to deal with this problem? I'd prefer something simple that doesn't require restructuring the entire geodatabase.  One functionality I need to keep is that when I ID the item on an origin feature class, I need to be able to view (and Edit) all the linked tables.