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Question asked by greenk8ty on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by cdspatial

Let me set the scene...


I work in telecommunications and I've been tasked with making some maps.  I'm new in the field and in this job so I'm still navigating some new concepts.  I have two maps attached that might be good reference as to what I am trying to accomplish.  With conduit, there are four different classes of conduit and it is identified by it's diameter (1 inch, 2 inch...etc)  When I go to represent this in my MXD as unique values, the lines are stacked.  I tried to remedy this by offsetting the lines, however that screws with the location.  I talked to this guy at another company to see how he had made maps like this and he wouldn't reveal his secret to doing this.  He told me that I should look into using Network Analyst and I've been watching some videos and trying to see how this could help me but I'm not sure...


Any ideas?  There are other fields in the feature classes that I'm working with and I wonder if using some of that information might be the key.  I really just need to be able to display my lines with no overlap and some space between them like in the attached examples.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!