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LAS Dataset to Raster Error

Question asked by Zachary2011 on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by bnewman@usbr.gov_USBR

Good Morning Everyone,


I am currently having an error while taking a LAS Dataset file and created a Raster. My end goal is to use the Raster for 1 foot contours for a current map I am creating for my Environmental team. As I ran the geoprocessing tool on ArcGIS, the error states, "Error 999999: Error executing function." With the more detailed error session stating, "The specified file or folder does not exist". If you anyone has an idea what might be going wrong with the process, I would love to figure it out and learn something new.


Overall goal: To create a map with 1 foot contours at 1:3000 scale. Buildings to be excluded and ground elevation the only desired attribute/feature class. If there is anything else I should explain, let me know. Thanks.


Very Respectfully,

Zachary J. Roy