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Problems with proportional symbology and point data!

Question asked by eleniontolto on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by eleniontolto

Running ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop, with an "Advanced" license type.


What I'm trying to do: I am trying to display point data via proportional symbols based on a Square Footage attribute.  The square footage value is missing for some data points, while for others the value is so small it's impossible to see on the map.  I am trying to get it so it will display all values proportionally, except for NULL values and values less than about 10 square feet, both of which I would like to be displayed with normal points.


How I'm Trying to Do it....:  I am setting the feature class' symbology to Proportional (Properties -> Symbology -> Quantities -> Proportional Symbols), with Value: WeedArea, Unit: Feet, and Data Represents: Area.  To get the points with small and/or null values for WeedArea to display as normal points instead of proportional symbols, I use the "Exclude..." option which is in that same Proportional Symbols settings page.


The Exclude option basically just opens a query builder.  I have "Show symbol for excluded data" selected on the "Legend" tab, and in the "Query" tab, I am using the expression WeedArea IS NULL OR WeedArea < 10.  Clicking the "Verify" button says everything is good to go.


The Problem:  It isn't working how I'd expect.

     -  If I use the above expression, it displays everything that matches the exclude query as normal point features (which is what I want).  However, it also then hides all the points that should be displayed by proportional symbols (i.e., everything that did NOT match the exclude query).  This is a problem!  Why is it doing this?????

     - If I instead just do a single conditional and don't have any "OR" statement (e.g., I type only "WeedArea IS NULL" or instead only "WeedArea < 10") then it works correctly - it displays the data as expected with proportional symbols for everything that doesn't match the Exclude statement, and normal point symbols for everything that DOES match the exclude statement.



I would REALLY appreciate any help with this.  Is this not possible with ArcMAP?  Is it a bug?  Is there something I'm doing wrong?