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Modifying ArcGIS tools

Question asked by rastalokke on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by Dan_Patterson

I am hoping to get some help in modifying existing ArcGIS tools. I am doing research on Photosynthetic Active Radiation which corresponds to only the visible spectrum of light. My understanding is that the tool set in ArcMap calculates Total Radiation which I will refer to as Solar Flux. Details on the relationship between the two can be found in the link below.


There are 2 areas that I need assistance with:


1. I need to modify the output of Solar Radiation tool to get PAR values instead of Solar Flux.


2. ESRI documentation indicates that the Solar Radiation tool considers only incident and diffuse radiation in calculating point values but NOT reflected radiation. My work focuses on Antarctica where surface reflectance plays big role in available PAR. So the Solar Radiation tool need to be modified to account for surface reflectivity (albedo).


Albedo varies with time so will need to be treated as a variable. The end goal of my project is to identify albedo values that match recorded point observations from weather stations. Identifying this albedo value would allow to extrapolate PAR values across the valley giving us a better handle on Potential Primary Productivity.


I have no experience modifying existing tools. I am currently reviewing python code to attempt to figure this out but it is moving slowly so any assistance would be of great help.