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Open Data Downloads Empty Shapefiles

Question asked by deleted-user-BAik00wdZwPa on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by DFenton-esristaff

When downloading data from our open data portal (Home | MDOT Open Data - Home) as a shapefile and viewing the results in ArcMap, the datasets are empty (no records) and datasets that are polygons are shown in the table of contents as lines. The preview map on the open data portal shows all of the data as being present and lists the attributes associated with it before downloading. The data layers on our open data portal are referencing an Esri rest point created via ArcGIS Server. The map services work as expected in ArcGIS Online maps and the datasets contain all of the information in our SDE database.


Here are a few of the URLs that produce empty shapefiles:


Empty Point Dataset - Dataset | MDOT Open Data - Home

Empty Line Dataset - Dataset | MDOT Open Data - Home

Empty Polygon Dataset (that shows as lines in the table of contents) - Dataset | MDOT Open Data - Home


Any ideas/assistance would be appreciated.