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Working example of ISO North American metadata in geoportal?

Question asked by rexneville on Jul 30, 2015

Hi Folks,

Up until now we have been using FGDC metadata in the geoportal server for  GeoDiscover Alberta.

Soon we will be changing to use ISO 19115/19119 metadata, the North American Profile.

I found several examples of geoportal servers in North America serving up ISO metadata. However, when I try uploading that metadata into our geoportal it is rejected by all of the ISO metadata schema options provided with the geoportal server source code.


I have tried changing schemas.xml so that the input metadata will match on different ISO schemas but I have not found any metadata example that passes validation with the North American Profile.

geoportal-server/schemas.xml at master · Esri/geoportal-server · GitHub


Can anyone show me an example of North American ISO metadata that you use and the ISO metadata schema that you use for validation?


Have you modified one of these files to get it to get it to work with your metadata?

<schema fileName="gpt/metadata/iso/nap/nap-iso-19115-definition.xml"/>

<schema fileName="gpt/metadata/iso/nap/nap-iso-19119-definition.xml"/>

<schema fileName="gpt/metadata/iso/iso-19115-definition.xml"/>
<schema fileName="gpt/metadata/iso/iso-19119-definition.xml"/>

<schema fileName="gpt/metadata/iso/iso-19115-2-definition.xml"/>

geoportal-server/geoportal/src/gpt/metadata/iso/nap at master · Esri/geoportal-server · GitHub





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