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How to prevent deployed app from having ArcGIS Online Sign In popup?

Question asked by on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by kcruzcok

I've seen several threads but it doesn't seem like anyone has come up with a good solution. My apologies if it is out there and I simply missed it.


I'm sure I'm like many users who created a map, published to server, shared to ArcGIS Online, but only shared internally and not PUBLIC. When I made my Web Map in AGOL I did the same thing. I shared it internally with some groups but did not share publically. I did the exact same thing with the app that I created in AGOL for use in WAB (what gives me the App ID).


Once I built my app in Web AppBuilder Dev edition I deployed to my Web Server. Site opens fine but asks for AGOL sign in. How do I configure this so that it does not throw that dialog and allows viewing?


I've tried following all of the proxy docs and the threads I have found and edited the proxy as well as the config in my app. Still no luck. Why is this so difficult? Why is it not on the Esri site somewhere?