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Does Portal For ArcGIS Come With The Same Limitations As ArcGIS OnLine?

Question asked by mlhotz on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by mlhotz

I am aware, and I’m sure I’m not alone here, of the limitations of ArcGIS Online (i.e. being incapable of loading more than 1000 features per Shapefile of locally created and stored data).  As most of our data sets contain more than 1000 features, plus we also have a need to share orthophotography, raster elevation data, georeferenced video, and in the future expect to be acquiring LiDAR and satellite imagery, it appears that we need to push our web mapping to its limits, which also seems to greatly exceed the limits of ArcGIS Online.


My question though is does ArcGIS Online still have those same limitations after Portal for ArcGIS has been installed and is running?  Portal is advertised as enabling an organization to bring their ArcGIS Online in-house (i.e. through an organization’s intranet), and giving that organization total control over their ArcGIS Online.  But do those ArcGIS Online limitations still exist after one has implemented Portal?  Are these ArcGIS Online limitations embedded in the software, or are they imposed by ESRI’s web server?  If the limitations are software based then we might have a problem, but if we do have total control over our ArcGIS Online after Portal has been installed then we should be able to drop those limitations too, right?


Do we need to explore other alternatives when serving our heavy data through some form of web-mapping, or will the ESRI web mapping options suffice?