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Snap to IGraphicsLayer

Question asked by mik1971 on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by mik1971

Hi there,


I am using ISnappingEnvironment for a snap to a point feature in a feature layer in ArcMap 10.3. And I draw a IMarkerElement(IMarkerSymbol) at the point of successfull snap(first position). If user clicks to far from a point (not with actual tolerance of the snap) I also draw another IMarkerElement(IMarkerSymbol) at this second position.


I am wondering how to snap to graphic that I created at the second position. Could IGraphicsLayer help in this case? I guess that snap could work with feature layers and (probably) with graphics layers?

I tried to add a graphic layer to the map, but I don't see it included in the snap:


//create IMarkerElement pMarkerElement here


IMap pMap = pActiveView.FocusMap;

ICompositeGraphicsLayer compositeGraphicsLayer = (ICompositeGraphicsLayer)pMap.BasicGraphicsLayer;

IGraphicsLayer graphicsLayer = null;


{graphicsLayer = compositeGraphicsLayer.FindLayer(strGraphicLayerName);}

catch (Exception ex) { }

if (graphicsLayer == null)


graphicsLayer = compositeGraphicsLayer.AddLayer(strGraphicLayerName, null);



pMap.ActiveGraphicsLayer = (ILayer)graphicsLayer;

pGraphicsContainer = graphicsLayer as IGraphicsContainer;

pGraphicsContainer.AddElement(pMarkerElement, 0);