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Setting Field in Symbology Properties

Question asked by AdrianK on Jul 27, 2015
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I am programmatically rendering a feature layer in ArcMap but I can't set the Field property in the Symbology properties form. This results in the layer having the correct render/breaks/legend settings but the on screen render is wrong. When I open the Symbology tab the Field isn't set. When I do select the field the classification is reset. The focus field is actually from a linked table. Any suggestions? Below is the code I have for rendering the layer.

I'm using ArcGIS 10.2.2; Windows 7;VS2010 Express. Feature layer is in a file geodatabase along with a linked table.







public void ClassifyLayer(ref IFeatureLayer pFL, ITable pTable)

IGeoFeatureLayer pGFLyr = (IGeoFeatureLayer)pFL;
object dataValues;
object dataFrequencies;
ISimpleLineSymbol pLineFillSymbol;
IClassBreaksUIProperties pClassBreaksUIProperties;
IFeatureRenderer ifr = pGFLyr.Renderer;
IClassBreaksRenderer pClassBreaksRenderer = (IClassBreaksRenderer)ifr;
IDataSampling ds = (IDataSampling)pClassBreaksRenderer;
ITableHistogram pTH = (ITableHistogram)new TableHistogram();

pTH.Field = "IDX";
pTH.Table = pTable;
ds.MaxSampleSize = 1000000;
pTH.Sampling = ds;
IHistogram pHist = (IHistogram)pTH;
pHist.GetHistogram(out dataValues, out dataFrequencies);

IClassify pClassify  = new QuantileClass();
double[] classes;

pClassify.SetHistogramData(dataValues, dataFrequencies);
classes = (double[])pClassify.ClassBreaks;
pClassBreaksRenderer.BreakCount = classes.Length - 1;
pClassBreaksRenderer.Field = pTH.Field;
pClassBreaksRenderer.MinimumBreak = classes[0];
//Spectrum-Full Bright   
IMultiPartColorRamp pMultiColourRamp = GetSpectrumRamp(10);
bool rampcreated = false;
IEnumColors pColors = pMultiColourRamp.Colors;

for (int i = 0; i < pClassBreaksRenderer.BreakCount; i++)
pLineFillSymbol = new SimpleLineSymbol();
pLineFillSymbol.Color = pColors.Next();
pClassBreaksRenderer.Symbol[i] = (ISymbol)pLineFillSymbol;
pClassBreaksRenderer.set_Break(i,classes[i + 1]);
pClassBreaksRenderer.Label[i] = ((Single)(classes[i])).ToString() + " - " + ((Single)(classes[i + 1])).ToString();

pClassBreaksUIProperties = (IClassBreaksUIProperties)pClassBreaksRenderer;
pClassBreaksUIProperties.Method = pClassify.ClassID;
pClassBreaksUIProperties.ColorRamp = "Spectrum-Full Bright";
for (int i = 1; i < pClassBreaksRenderer.BreakCount; i++)
pClassBreaksUIProperties.set_LowBreak(i, pClassBreaksRenderer.Break[i - 1]);
pClassBreaksUIProperties.ShowClassGaps = true;

pGFLyr.Renderer = (IFeatureRenderer)pClassBreaksRenderer;
IRendererPropertyPage pRendererPropPage = (IRendererPropertyPage)new GraduatedColorPropertyPage();
pGFLyr.RendererPropertyPageClassID = pRendererPropPage.ClassID;

pMxDoc.ActivatedView.PartialRefresh(esriViewDrawPhase.esriViewGeography, pFL, null);



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