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Update snap tips with ISnappingEnvironment

Question asked by mik1971 on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Voidmain

Hi there,

I added a snapping to a custom tool and trying to change a snap tip with ISnappingEnvironment.SnapTipSymbol Property



public override void OnMouseMove(int Button, int Shift, int X, int Y)



snapResult = m_Snapper.Snap(m_CurrentMouseCoords);

//Update the snapping feedback.

if (snapResult != null)


   (m_SnappingEnv.SnapTipSymbol as IFormattedTextSymbol).Text = "Changed";

   m_SnappingFeedback.Update(snapResult, 0);




public override void Refresh(int hDC)


if (m_SnappingFeedback != null)





It does not update the actual tip.


In the help ESRI says that

"You have a number of options to customize the tip symbol, including advanced text capabilities provided by IFormattedTextSymbol to provide options for backgrounds, offsets, or right-to-left text capabilities. "


Any help will be appreciated.