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Datasets not available after download

Question asked by shaunrconway on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by shaunrconway

We are having issues with many of our datasets not being available for download after the shapefile appears to have been generated successfully.  For example, our Structures dataset download will progress to 100% then page navigates away from open data portal to a plain white page with the text "{"status":"processing","processing_time":783.326,"count":32505,"generating":{"progress":"0%"}} "  If I navigate back to the Open Data Portal site, it shows download was 100% successful. If I try the download again, it works as the download is cached. This is also occurring with Crime Location data and Sidewalk Areas.  It appears to happen with any of our larger datasets.


I've attached a video of this occurring.


Here is an image of the page loaded and the URL that occurred after attempting to download our Back of Curb Dataset:…