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Is there a way to provide the ArcGIS Route Service with address info to prevent incorrect routes?

Question asked by on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by tsellste

We are using the route service to generate optimized routes with directions for lists of up to 150 addresses.  We are providing the rooftop lat/lon that we have obtained from another data source as specified in the Route service Stop parameter.  The problem is for houses that border multiple streets the route service sometimes routes the house as if its on the wrong street.  Often this is for big lots where the house sits back on the property and has a larger street behind and closer to the house.  The route service provides directions as if the house can be accessed from the larger street that the house is closer to rather then the street that has access to the house.


Is there a way to provide the address or a street "hint" to let the route service know which street the location should be accessed from, or any other options to fix this problem?