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How to work on LAN with ArcGIS Server

Question asked by lytrieu002 on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by JQuinn-esristaff

Hi every one, i am sorry if any hard to understand what i want to show, my English is not good. I have a problem with ArcGIS Server and i wish you can help me.


My purpose is use a Server Computer to save, synchronize data from another computer on LAN. I tried to use ArcGIS Server and i can Share a *.mxd file as Service/ or *.gdb file as a Geodata service.


Another computer on LAN can see *.mxd file (Map service), but it can't see *.gdb file (Geodata service), you can see picture below


When i open 'HanhChinh3Huyen' in arcMap, it can be projected but can not query or edit data. I can only choose 'HanhChinh3Huyen' instead of choose 1 Feature class.



so, somebody can help me answer 2 question:

1. Why another computer on LAN can't see Geodata service, but map service can.

2. With my purpose, im i right when use ArcGIS Server? Or i must use another software? What software i should use?


One again, best wish to all! Please help me. Thanks so much.