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Proximity Tool Problem (incorrect units)

Question asked by 6911376794 on Jul 24, 2015
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I am a total beginner to ArcGIS, I am just using it for a school project.


Question:  I loaded a list of longitudes/ latitudes (in decimal degrees) of several subjects in an excel file.  I created another excel with just one particular longitude/latitude (in decimal degrees).  I added both data excel files into arcgis.  I displayed xy coordinates and used the Geographic coordinate system.  All the points from both data sets appear on the map.


Goal:  I want to find the distance( meters) from all the points in the first excel file in relation to the one data point in the 2nd excel file I added.  So, I used the proximity tool, then point distance.  I set the first excel data points as my Input feature.  I set the data point from the second excel sheet as my Near feature.  I set the desired output value for meters.


Problem:  When I get the output table of all the distances, they are not in Meters.  They are in a decimal form.  Maybe because my data is in longitude/latitude decimal degrees?  Can someone explain how I can get my distance in Meters?