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Can I use ArcGIS City Engine for Designing Interior of Houses.

Question asked by shekhawatravi on Jul 25, 2015
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Dear Friends,


I would like to integrate my Land Parcels/ Plots data (I have as .gdb and ArcSDE Oracle), with Layout Plans (Created in .DWG- AutoCAD.).

I would like to create an Web based GIS / Mobile application. In which I want to have below funtionalities:

1> Display plots data - Which can be done using ESRI's JavaScript API.

2> Now the challenge is, I have some DWG files correspond to each plots. and I want to provide end users- The functionality to render these layout plans as 3D in webPage, and allows them to visualize and design interior of their home.


First part is very easy to do. But second part, I am not able to figure it out, how to achieve?

If it's achievable, then How?

I searched lot on Google, I came across 3 Products for 3-D visualization:

1> ArcGIS City Engine::

2> Google SketchUp::

3> Autodesk's HomeStyler::


But I am still in confusion, which one to use and how should I go ahead.


any help regarding this, would be appreciable.


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