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Geocoding addresses in Range. Ideas? Open Street Map?

Question asked by mirana.rideout on Jul 22, 2015

Geocoding Actual Ranges of Addresses


Hi there, similar to the discussion above, I was provided with excel files that have addresses expressed in a FROM-TO range, as well as a field indicating which side of the streets are included in that range (Both, Even, Odd).


I have already split the the FROM addresses and the TO addresses into two tables which I geocoded. Now I need to include all of those in between addresses as points. My instinct is to do that with an editing session, but I don't have a building shapefile for each of the cities, not to mention how tedious that would be.

Eventually, the organization will want a web map of all these geocoded addresses, so I was thinking that it might be possible to include those in between addresses using Open Street Map. Does anyone have any ideas how this would be possible? Any input would be appreciated.