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Overview sample freezes application when run from Remote Desktop. (10.2.6)

Question asked by klathan on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by klathan

Hi all,


Came across a peculiar behavior with the Overview example. Overview Map | ArcGIS for Developers


When I'm remote desktopped into my dev workstation and I run the sample it freezes during the ExtentChanged event. It seems to be dying somewhere in the overviewMap.SetViewAsync. One of my CPUs goes to max, and the application must be killed. The problem isn't consistent, sometimes the app freezes on the first extent change, sometimes it takes a few seconds of roaming around.  When I run the sample from a physical workstation, the sample works with no issues. I am wondering if there is some sort of latency issue with multiple MapViews firing their SetViewAsync at the same time? I also tried copying my app into a VM and it happened there as well. I could see this being a problem for my own app eventually, I want an overview and I can't control where and when people will run my application.


Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get around this or if a fix is in the works?