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Assigning Raster Cell data to Point data

Question asked by lukestock747 on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by GUpchurch-esristaff

I have 23 sets of raster data for different types of habitat (which I have performed Block Statistics on in Arc10.2, in order to create a 1km grid). I also have 5 different Sets of point data showing presence data for a specific amphibian species. What I need to do is Assign the raster cell data to the point data which overlap. My final aim is to produce a table which will show the percentage of each habitat for each amphibian sighting

For example using great crested newt as one of my 5 species (I will end up with 5 tables) my Table headings could look like this,

GCN Sighting | % woodland | % grassland | % open water | ...% other 20 variables

From this I will produce box plots to illustrate habitat variability for each amphibian species, and hopefully will be able to draw some conclusions from it.

I am quite new to ArcGIS so please phrase it as if you were explaining this to a 5 year old!