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Two Layer Names in Legend! (I only want one...)

Question asked by elg8993 on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by ekikuyama

I'm creating a web app using web maps on ArcGIS Online but there are always two headings for my layers in the legend, one of which is the file name and thus not very user friendly:

I uploaded a shapefile (zipped) from ArcGIS Desktop into "My Content" on ArcGIS Online. I used this same shapefile for many different maps. In the Web Viewer, I clicked "Change Style" and then selected different attributes to display using "Counts and Amounts (Color)". In the legend, both the layer name AND the attribute name show up so that there are two titles for the layer. (This does not happen when I choose "Location (Single Symbol)" and do not select an attribute to display).


The same two titles show up in the web apps that I create from these maps. I would like to only show the layer name and NOT the attribute name.


Any suggestions?