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Exporting data.

Question asked by B_Train on Jul 20, 2015
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I have a shapefile of parcels in my county. There are 12,564 records. I have went in and selected all of them that are over 40 acres. That makes the total 1418. I go to export the data to make a new shapefile, just like I've done 500 times before, but I get an error message. It says "create output feature class failed". I don't know what's going on. Even if I just select one parcel, I get the same message. It's a shapefile and I am trying to export to shapefile. I converted it to a geodatabase and tried doing it that way. That didn't work either. All the fields are either ObjectID, text, geometry, long, short, or double. I don't see any special characters, just an underscore. But I don't see why if the original file is a shapefile, why it is giving me trouble exporting to another shapefile.


If anybody could help, I would greatly appreciate it.