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Parallels Install

Question asked by paulric on Jul 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by paulric

I have the $100 student license for working at home.  I'm working on a mac and historically natively booted up Windows to Run ARCGis.


I recently installed Parallels 10 (virtual machine) and I can no longer start ARCGis in either the parallels virtual machine or the native boot of windows.  I'm prompted to fix the license in Arc Administrator (spelling).  I've tried to deauthorize the license on the native side, actually both sides and reinstall, but that does not work.  All the extensions show as vailid but the main license is shown as installed but untrusted.


I tried to upgrade to 10.3 as well to maybe reinstall, but to no avail.  Need help.  Also, emailed ESRI technical support directly.