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Working with Portal and ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Devloper Edition

Question asked by ltaylor17 on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by ltaylor17

I have my portal and along with my ArcGIS server all installed on my server.  I have registered an app and started using Web AppBuilder Developer edition on my server.  What I am noticing is when I am linking to different services I am having to use the local url (ex. machinename/arcgis/rest/services), instead of my external URL of  This is with services, hyperlinks I am doing, along with some of Robert Scheitlin custom widgets.


My question/or confusion is once I get done developing the outside world is not going to be able to get to those local url's so should I be using Web AppBuilder on my computer where I can actually access those outside url's. 


I tried to run web appbuilder on my machine but I can't figure out what to put in the URL for portal.  On the server I type https://machinename.local/parcgis.  On my machine I am typing  It is saying the host name cannot be found. I can type this same address into a web browser and it takes me to the home page of my portal, but I can't log in.  I tried and got the same results when using https.


Am I  forgetting to set something up, or missing settings?  If anyone could advise the direction I should take.  This is my first time working with both Portal and Web AppBuilder so any clarity would be welcomed.