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The perfect desktop configuration

Question asked by jamespierce1978 on Jul 16, 2015

Hello all,


I was pondering requesting upgrades to our dept desktop machines, mine included.  I know a fair bit about designing a hardware config, but I thought I would start with the community and get some input on what you would view as a solid machine configuration for performing daily operations.


Here are a few details surrounding what my department routinely does:


-Edit versioned SDE connection

-Use multiple screens 2+ to view and enter data

-Produce high quality maps

-Produce photo maps

-Model line routing data (Large datasets) using routing programs.

-Most data is stored on the servers, except for working files.

-Configuring SDE databases using (Network Topology, Logical Data Model, Relates, Joins, etc)

-Using FME to generate and run models and scheduled server tasks.

-Various other tasks, yet unknown.


I have added that last point to illustrate my need to over design, as we will have these new machines for 3 or more years most likely.


-I would also like to be able to configure these machines with 2+, large monitors.  I saw ones yesterday in the 27" range at a consultant's office.

-Cost is a factor, but functionality can overrule.


I should also mention that we have a an ELA, so we can always have the latest of most types of Esri products.  We are also moving to Portal with and internal data appliance.


I am sure I am leaving some valuable information out of this summary, so feel free to poke and prod.