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How to change symbology/markers on Story Map - Map Tour?

Question asked by emlee on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by emlee

Hello GeoNet Community,


I'm trying to change the symbology/marker on Story Map, more specifically, on the Map Tour template.  I downloaded the "configurable app" version (not the developer/GitHub version).

Within its resources folder, there is the markers folder that contain all the default markers. 

I replaced my own markers for all of them.

But after I deployed it in the web server, I still got the default markers instead.

I tried to look into its app\maptour-config.js file, but I'm not sure where else to possibly go to update the codes for markers.

I thought it would be something simple, but maybe I do need to download the developer/GitHut version instead for changing the markers?


Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!


Thank you!!