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Slow queries after replica sync

Question asked by msnook on Jul 14, 2015

Hi All,


We have been replicating/syncing data from an SDE database for a while now and I've just started to notice that every few replica syncs to utility databases (file GDB's -- all created with 10.3) the queries to from those databases have slowed down dramatically.  For instance, a simple LIKE query on a single attribute of points goes from < 2 seconds to nearly 10 seconds.  This is really noticeable through ArcGIS Server map services.  I can re-create the replica and the queries are back to normal (< 2 seconds).  The SDE gets a nightly cleaning/compressing/re-indexing. 


Does anyone have any insights as to what might be the cause?  Is there some post-sync cleanup to the file GDB's that can be done?  It seems like the indexes are getting out of whack.


Thanks in advanced for any help.