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Which courses to take to become ArcGIS Web Developer??

Question asked by navjotkaur on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by rastrauch

Hello there,

I work with ArcGIS to do analysis and create maps. My organization is interested in posting their maps on the web for public use. But I haven't worked on Web application development at all. I know now we can use ArcGIS online to create web maps but i am more interested in learning web programming so that we can customize the web applications according to our own requirements. I am mainly interested i learning ArcGIS web application development using JAVA. I was thinking to take some kind of online course so that i can learn on my own pace along with the job. If you have any course recommendation or any other resources where i can learn web application development I will greatly appreciate it.

If you think one path is better than the other or share what are my options to learn Web app development. Any or all suggestions opinions comments are welcome. Thanks a lot!!