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DEM Comparison in ArcMAP

Question asked by glenrk on Jul 12, 2015
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I am doing an undergraduate project on the use of LIDAR data for DEM generation and flood modelling.  I currently have 2 LiDAR datasets for a broad area and a survey data set for a much narrower area within that.  These data sets were captured at times before and after a major flood event.  I need to carry out a series of comparisons of heights between the DEMs (average height difference between DTMs, a map showing the scale of elevation differences across the subject area).  What would be the best geoprocessing functions to use for this purpose (I have created terrain datasets but ideally I would be working in raster format)?  Also is there any way of checking up on the progress of a geoprocessing function prior to its completion? Just sometimes I execute a function but there is no evidence on the screen as to what is happening to a while later when it is completed.




Glen Kilpatrick