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Centroidal Longest Flowpath (Not GeoHMS)

Question asked by Playa on Jul 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Hornbydd

I've re-written my ArcHydro models (Model Builder) into Python and the only part of my model that I've note been able to convert is the Centroidal Longest Flowpath within the Basin Characteristics Toolbox. The explanation under the HEC-GeoHMS user manual (HEC-GeoHMS Manual):


"This operation computes the centroidal longest flowpath by projecting the centroid onto the longest flowpath. The centroidal longest flowpath is measured from the projected point onto the longest flowpath to the subbasin outlet as shown in Figure 9-13"



I've searched the internet and have not been able to find an alternative solution to replace the following tool found within the HEC-GeoHMS : Basin Characteristics Toolbox. I'm hoping that someone within the ESRI community have found an alternative script or has written a script to achieve the same functionality as the HEC-GeoHMS: Centroidal Longest Flowpath.


Any advice in how to write a python function to replace the following HEC-GeoHMS: Centroidal Longest Flowpath would really be appreciated.




Peter Wilson