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3D Printing

Question asked by MicahShane on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by raze

My employer has finally decided to print some 3D models of downtown areas to use in community planning.  This is a new avenue for me and I wanted to ask a few questions here to people that may have experience with this.  I know that my city engine models can be exported to a print-friendly format.  However, the model we are ultimately trying to build MUST have topography; And MUST have separate buildings.

a) If I bring in a multipatch file of my buildings into City Engine and perform a simple rule operation...such as the geometry tight enough to print?...or should I use and extrude a footprint in CityEngine and print that?

b)  If I export an obj of all my model buildings, can I print them one by one (as in not connected) or should i make an obj file for each building?

c)  What is a recommended workflow to print a topography base and keep the scale where the individual buildings can sit on the topography as they would in the CityEngine Model?

d)  Can a large topography (lets say an 8x8  -- 10x10 Model topography (no buildings)) be printed from CityEngine ; how to make it thick enough to sit on a table (the on-screen terrains look paper thin) ?


I think the idea is to get the topography from somewhere ....and have a smaller 3D printer in-house to print buildings and smaller entities on.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated on how to go about this project.Matthias Buehler