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Any chance of adding Google Analytics support to Item Details?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jul 10, 2015

There appear to be many separate ESRI Ideas requests for this feature:


  1. Allow Google Analytics tracking code in AGOL Item Details HTML Editor;
  2. The ability to track the website usage using Google analytics (similar to flex Google analytics widget;
  3. Google Analytics tracking for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex
  4. Google Analytics tracking for items?


which have a total of 460 points. Does that rise to the threshold of getting changed to "Under Consideration"? Seems like if AGOL content was made more attractive to CMS managers (they're VERY VERY interested in GA statistics), more AGOL content would be consumed by CMS applications, ESRI makes more money, and we get more job security. See? I'm helping you make $$$ ESRI!!!